In-ground Tornado Shelter

The Granger In-ground Tornado Shelter is the premium tornado shelter for your family protection. With the easy installation this shelter typically does not require an anchoring system in most installations.

In-ground Tornado Shelter Features

  • Double Walled PE construction, 1/2 inch thick each wall, 1,000+ year lifespan
  • FEMA 320 exceeding Aluminum Door with gas assisted Shock
  • Molded in seating, exceeds FEMA standards for 3-5 Adults
  • Molded in Stairs
  • Battery Operated LED lighting System
  • 4 inch Ventilation
  • Articulating Handrails, 3 point locking system, stainless steel hardware

The modular unit is constructed from durable polyethylene material, thus making it practically maintenance free and nearly indestructible.

This tornado shelter has many  features including articulating handrails, carpet, battery operated lighting system, molded in seating, triple locking aluminum door and stainless steel hardware.

The polymer construction of the unit allows the shelter to have a very long 1000+ year lifespan and limited lifetime warranty provides decades of protection from harm, for many generations to come. The Granger ISS Tornado Shelter exceeds FEMA 320 Debris Impact testing.

Emergency shelter order link: Granger ISS Tornado Shelter

Why You Need a Tornado Shelter

If you live in an area with frequent tornadoes, then you probably know that it is a good idea to have a proper storm shelter. Investing in a tornado shelter has many advantages when it is in your own backyard.

In-ground Tornado ShelterOne of the first advantages is that you have protection from the storm. Although in some instances you may be perfectly safe inside the house, there are certain types of tornadoes where you will increase your rate of survival by being in a proper shelter.

Considering your peace of mind and the health and safety of you and your family, buying a tornado shelter could be a very good investment.

As a result you will not have to worry about where your family is going to go when a major storm hits.

Although you community may have a shelter, sometimes there is just isn’t any time to get to one.

These storms can move very quickly or change direction in an instance. With your own shelter you will be able to get to safety quickly.

A tornado shelter is buried into the ground and doesn’t take up any space and is hidden from view in your yard.

An in-ground tornado shelter is a great place to store many of your basic disaster supplies as well. Keep these supplies in the shelter so that when you really need them you will have them on hand.

Inground Tornado Shelter Video:

Emergency shelter order link: Granger ISS Tornado Shelter

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